Professor, Materials Science & Engineering
Director, Stanford Nanofabrication Facility

Nicholas A. Melosh 

Email: nmelosh AT

Telephone: (650) 724-3679

Fax: (650) 736-1984

Office: McCullough Building, Room 223

476 Lomita Mall, Stanford CA 94305

Administrative Assistant: Naomi Tudor, ntudor AT


Geballe Laboratory for Advanced MaterialsStanford Institute for Materials & Energy Science (SLAC), Stanford Nanofabrication Facility


Nicholas A. Melosh received his B.S. in chemistry from Harvey Mudd College in 1996. He did his graduate work on block-copolymer silica composites with Brad Chmelka and Galen Stucky at the University of California at Santa Barbara, receiving a Ph.D in materials science and engineering in 2001. His postdoctoral training was on molecular electronics and nanoscale patterning with Jim Heath at the University of California, Los Angeles and the California Institute of Technology from 2001-2003. He joined Stanford University as an assistant professor of materials science and engineering in September 2003.