Nanostraw Cellular Interfaces

Sergio Leal-Ortiz, Ryan Swoboda, Eytham Souibgui, Andy Tay, Connor O'Dowd, Amanda Jonsson

‘Nanostraws’ are a new nanostrcture based on reactive ion etching and atomic layer deposition for non-destructive cell transfection and sampling. These high-aspect ratio ‘straws’ act as a massively parallel array of nanoscale syringes, allowing non-perturbative injection of cargoes into cells. These systems have some of the highest transfection efficiencies reported for DNA, RNA, and proteins, with the widest array of cell types- ranging from typical cell lines to primary human cells. Further, we show repeated sampling from the same set of cells over time, quantitatively measuring their internal expression profiles. These powerful tools are changing how we think about manipulating cells, and are being applied to develop CAR-T clinical cancer therapies and gene editing.