Dynamic Intracellular Manipulation

Andy Tay 

A plethora of activities are happening within a cell at a single time. These activities regulate key processes such as cell division, stem cell differentiation and axonal regeneration. The nanostraw  platform is able to perform longitudinal delivery of large cargo sizes and with definable cargo loads. This provides us with an unprecedented opportunity to deliver cargoes of interest and understand how they influence cellular fate and behaviors. We are interested in manipulating intracellular mRNA concentrations and observe how they influence stem cell lineage. 

Image 1: Nanostraw electroporation system where electrical fields are applied to deliver cargoes such as proteins and mRNA into adhered cells. The intensity, frequency and strength of the electrical fields can also be optimized for each cell type.

Image 2: The nanostraw electroporation system allows for co-transfection and sequential transfection of cargoes such as dyes and DNA.


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